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Posted by rcrick | Mar 26, 2006 @ 10:11 PM | 3,762 Views
Here is my latest video form

Posted by rcrick | Mar 16, 2006 @ 07:49 PM | 3,904 Views

This is rcrick and they say this is my blog space. I don't really understand all I know about it, but here goes.

I Have been flying rc since 1979. My main rc interest these days is: Electric and flying wireless video. I have gotten rid of all my fuel stuff. It's not that I don't enjoy going out and flying fuel powered rc. It's just that there is no one in my area flying at all, and the electric suits going out and just making one or two flights by myself. If there were a group of guys flying fuel around here, I would be out there with them with my fuel planes and maybe an electric or two.

More later,


Here is some links to My Gallerey and latest video.
How do I get my Gallery stuff over here on my blog?



Here is some more photos and video of my video plane.