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Posted by Flhrob | Jan 24, 2009 @ 06:43 PM | 1,666 Views
Haven't flown since I was a kid, Now I'm getting back into it with the new exciting precovered electric kits out there. Might sound funny but I have been waiting all my life for these electric features, no more fuel to ruin my planes coverings too boot! I purchased the hangar 9 80" electric Cub kit in October, slowly built it, Pretty easy, straight forward and only one piece of glass to put in and it's finished. Can't decide to hinge the last glass or not. Back to these Precovered planes, Yeah I'm lazy, but hey someones done the work for me on that. I can't believe that someone has provided all these kits precovered, far stretch from the old days sitting at the table with tissue paper and dope or scissors, packs of razor blades and irons.
Well I'm playing with a simulator all winter waiting for spring to come and maiden this cub. I had flown a hobby zone cub last summer, but I must say that thig flew like &#@*, Mostly from that ACT seeing the sun so I unplugged the eyes. Much better that way. Well I'l add more later on~