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Posted by Gofer 303 | Aug 27, 2013 @ 11:38 PM | 2,772 Views
I recently purchased a surprising aircraft it is the AR Drone 2. Sure I watched some of the videos and thought nice toy but I did not really think I would have bought one. A friend one day who was really reluctant to fly his as he got it for Christmas had only played with it a short time in his living room. He asked me to try it and it was different to fly as I was using his tablet to fly it. He asked if I would take it home for a few days and when the wind died down I tried it. The battery was less than adequet for a long flight but I downloaded the free program onto my 7 inch tablet and the day the wind decided to blow elsewhere for a change I took it out to the front yard and fired it up. I was really impressed with the setup and the stability as well as the video even tried FPV around the corner of the house for a few heart beats. That was enough to convince me to get one and I have never looked back and thought it was a mistake. Toy sure compared to the higher class drones and I certianly did not want to have to invest big bucks to find out if I really liked quads. Now I am thinking of different places and things to try with the drone so I have some posted on you tube but will have to invest on a quality video editor to make a combination of all the flights more interesting.