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Posted by appa609 | Jun 23, 2011 @ 03:55 PM | 2,808 Views
It's been rainy and miserable for the past week. Based on what I learned in Earth Science, We have been near the center of a low pressure system. First, the cold front and thunderstorms, then the warm with persistent rain, then the low itself with more rain, then the cold again, and now, sporadic torrents brought by the revenge of the warm.

I flew the heli for the first time outside, sort of. I throttled up slowly to about 80%, and it started lifting off. I swerved the the left; torque or wind, and I overcompensated with the right, I was only about 10 ft above the ground, but because I was on a hill, I was able to compensate and mostly right it before I crash landed. After touchdown, it flipped over, but it seems it's mostly intact except for ugly green stuff stuck in the rotor.

I flew my eagle a few times in the past months, and I think I'm getting a lot better. I recall the first few times, I crashed it badly half the time. My success rate is now approaching 90%. The last flight, right before exams in mid June, I successfully intentionally looped it and executed several clean, tight turns. Still feels underpowered, though. I wonder how I can improve my setup; a 30C battery, maybe, or switching from a 6*4 to a 7*6. I used to make my parkjets with 9*5's, and they always had enough thrust, but I was running on 4s (two cheap 2s) and the torque was too much. Still...
Posted by appa609 | Feb 18, 2011 @ 04:11 PM | 2,863 Views
It's melting! It's all melting! I can see grass again, and even the huge mountains of stuff that I didn't think would ever melt are melting!
Time to charge my lipos.
Posted by appa609 | May 30, 2010 @ 02:43 PM | 3,182 Views
Maiden, no crash!
Today, I chose a different field, my school's field which is nice and flat. It flew for 28 seconds, with one low split S, then I managed a fast landing. This model is definitely faster than I'm used to.
It was a bit nose heavy, and was to sensitive on the roll, but I've adjusted that. Looking forward to tomorrow!
Jetset44 F-15 flight 4-successful maiden! (0 min 47 sec)

Posted by appa609 | May 21, 2010 @ 05:49 PM | 3,159 Views
It was a nice sunny day Wednesday, so I decided to go flying. The weather was beautiful, nice sunny day, no wind whatsoever. '
Since my first flight, I've done extensive modification, replacing bamboo with carbon fiber, a new motor and prop, some added foam parts, reprogrammed radio, new receiver and rerouted antenna, and re-glued everything.
The first launch was lacking speed an thrust, and just dropped. The second time, I used WOT, and gave a good throw. The plane went forward, dipped down, and climbed back up when I gave up elevator. Unfortunately, I then flew into the sun(not literally) and I could no longer see the model clearly. Therefore, I reduced throttle, and tried to turn out of the glare. This caused me to stall, and bank. Therefore, when I tried to pull out of the ensuing dive, I didn't have enough airspeed or enough vertical authority to pull out, and I crashed at a shallow angle, breaking the nose to smithereens.
Despite pilot error, I could tell this flight was much better than the last, or rather, this model is better than the last. It didn't feel tail heavy, didn't lose radio reception, felt very stable, and had plenty of thrust. I believe this crash was pilot error alone.
Luckily for me, my resume involves about 80 hours of plane maintenance, versus just over 6 minutes of total flight time. Therefore, I fixed it up in one night, almost good as new, and maybe stronger. Now, it's ready to take to the skies again.
video is the same link as last time,


Posted by appa609 | May 12, 2010 @ 04:28 PM | 3,548 Views
In order to diagnose my BTD(bored to death) syndrome, I decided to make a little ground vehicle to play with. I took an old brushed motor, a 9v, GWS 4*2 prop, a sliding switch, some tape, foam, and plastic blocks, and I have it. It looks something like a flying carpet. I tried it on a smooth table, but the puny 9v couldn't even get it to budge. Therefore, I nuked it and put a 2s lipo on it, and that had plenty of thrust. It went on the carpet just fine. Unfortunately, it was spinning uncontrollably, so I adjusted the thrust line, and added a V-stab. Now I tried it again, and it goes straight as a bullet from Wanted and it heads into my mom's vines. The bottom got chopped off, and my vehicle fell on it's side. Sadly, it has no safety features, so when the prop was resisted, the motor just kept drawing more amps, and it burned out. Anyone know how to rewind a brushed motor?

Two days ago, I finally received my corona synthesized receiver. Binding was pretty easy, considering the fact that I managed to do it in under 10 minutes, and the controls work. I more than doubled my range from the GWS receiver, I have no more glitches, and channels 5 & 6 are actually working! The thing has a weird safety feature where if I turn the receiver on more than 10 seconds before the TX, the throttle becomes unresponsive. Servos work great, just no throttle. That caused some problems for my solo range check. from a 2 story apartment.

Now to fly the darn thing
Posted by appa609 | May 06, 2010 @ 09:15 PM | 3,138 Views
Today, I finally installed the cf spar in my f-15. It's almost done. Now the wing feels real solid. I ordered my new receiver last week, should be here soon. I bought the Corona Synthesized 6ch receiver,
Biggest news, I received my AMA registration mail back today, I'm now officially a youth member of the AMA! I got a card(softer than I expected), new safety rules, and AMA decals. I put those on my F-15. Next, get the new RX installed once it arrives, and test range. Also, join a club.
Congenially, Bill.
Posted by appa609 | May 01, 2010 @ 09:52 AM | 3,250 Views
Great, I just weighed my plane in at 483.69 grams, or 17 oz using the method shown in the thread below. post 6.
Now I'm also making a thrust stand to find my T:W. Same link, post 9.
I found the most likely source of my radio troubles, an old GWS receiver, placed on top of my esc. Now I moved it away and I'm getting 300 feet with throttle, and no problems at all. I'll seek to improve on this further by getting a corona synthesized 6ch receiver to get me a advertised range of 4900 feet. I'm having trouble figuring out which one is the V2 receiver, which is better. Hobbyking often mixes up their pictures. Here's Corona's website which shows the two 6 ch receivers, I'm after the RP6D1. Now the two Hobbyking pages which I'm looking at
remember, the pictures aren't always accurate (known because of some data conflicts and a note on the bottom of the second linked page.)
I finally got the cf tube for my plane, the torque on the tail surface has increased nicely, and I'm going to add my leftovers to my wing.
Quite a while ago, I started on an entry for the fastest foamie challenge, but since that thread closed, others have sprung up, and I'm in the process of finishing my design, the fish. I have a glide test video from 6 months ago.
Glide test (0 min 6 sec)
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Posted by appa609 | Mar 27, 2010 @ 05:05 PM | 3,431 Views
I'm a new pilot learning be trial and error. Physics and mathematics has always been my strong subjects, so I could understand some of the more technical aspects of this hobby. I never liked the rtf packages very much, and when I started watching rcpowers in '06, I was dead set on scratchbuilding. My first plane was a 2ch airhogs, my second was a 4ch extra 300. My design used to be to make the plane ugly and rugged, so that repairs were easy, and the loss of aesthetics was minimal(my original extra was a one point completely covered in green masking tape and gorilla glue), but as I began to gain skill and experience, I started to make more elegant models like the steve shumate (jetset44) f-15 eagle. I added to that plane missiles, wing racks, and expanded engine fairings. However, my build approach has always been low tech as well, so electronics was more difficult for me. I am a child also, so my parents govern the budget. That is, I usually never get anything beyond $30(excluding startup),and even then only with a lot of arguing. Thus, I have been forced to learn to improvise, so I use bamboo rather than cf, ezcalc instead of motocalc, cut my large props rather than buying small props, wind motors rather than buy new ones, use wire or washers+nuts to attatch props rather than using prop adapters, and use math rather than instruments to calculate my motor's kV. My most advanced tool is a soldering iron.
Designing planes is much more fun than just copying them, so that's...Continue Reading