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Posted by Waljojo | Mar 05, 2018 @ 04:51 PM | 1,518 Views
Hey Y'all!

I've been flying rc for a good while but just started playing with quads in January. What I lack in drone flying experience, I've more than made up for getting them down from trees. I live in north Florida and I'm surrounded by 100'+ pines and massive Water Oaks. All of which have Spanish moss hanging from every branch that's more than happy to catch and hold any passing copter well out of my reach. I've outlined three methods to get them back (although I've only really used two)

In addition to practicing drone retrival I also fish (ostensibly the reason I started in with drones) and my trusty spinning rod was the first thing I reached for when my first quad on it's second flight was dangling 60' up in the canopy of an Oak. One or two (or 10 or 15) casts later, I had my new bird back. This scene was repeated several times over the next few days or whenever I had a spare minute. Moral of the story? Don't start off flying with high winds and surrounded by tall moss covered trees. All that practice casting sent me to the internet to see how everybody else gets their quads back. I was surprised at how few use a rod and reel and even more importantly braided fishing line.

What most people think of as fishing line is mono filament. It stretches like a rubber band and is not very abrasion resistant. Braid is very different. If you don't fish, you've probably never heard of this stuff, but it's completely changed fishing. It should change fishing for drones as...Continue Reading