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Posted by Banzee | May 30, 2010 @ 06:22 PM | 7,609 Views
I bought a new camera from securitycamera2000 and waiting for it !! I begin to install my mamba monster 2200 kv combo in my summit because :

- It got the lipo cut off automatic
- it got more torque than my 775 titan
- With the thermostatic fan , it keep it running cool at slow speed
- The ESC got a Drag brake

The only thing is not good about the switch is the mamba is only water Resistant , and the EVX is full water proof !!! But you know , all my fpv stuff are not water friendly , so i ll keep away from water !!! lollll !!!!

I ll put a 12 teeth pinion on the motor and a 68 spur to give me a ratio of 82 to 1 on the first gear !!!! top speed , hum 6 - 7 mph !!! lolll !!!! But you know when You explore and crawl over obstacle , you don t need speed , but torque !!! And in second , it will be a around 20 mph !!!!

That setup will give about an hour of run time with a 5000 mah lipo 3s !!!

Here a little vid i done with my go pro on board of my E revo And my Mini E Revo VXL !!!!!

E Revo Bruhless Mamba Monster 2200 kv combo (3 min 31 sec)

E Revo VXL With Go Pro Hero on board (8 min 29 sec)
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Posted by Banzee | May 19, 2010 @ 09:56 PM | 6,568 Views
I finally got my adaptor to connect to my computer and recording vid of my FPV drive !!! It will give u and idea of the bad quality i got with that camera !!! It s not the first i bought like that, the first was perfect , give me a super quality , but one of my friend need it for his barn , so i sell it to him , and after i bought another one ( this one ) and beurk , no good , very very no good !!!!! AH just one thing, i have to retune the suspension , the front is too stiff , adn the back too soft !!!! next step !!! Lolll

Traxxas Summit FPV Projet part 2 (2 min 42 sec)

Posted by Banzee | May 15, 2010 @ 11:42 PM | 6,666 Views
I did a new test last week with my setup almost done !! First i been very suprise about the range of my 2.4 ghz radio futaba 4PK , i drive about 500 meters before losing signal , when the truck stop (because lost signal) i lift the control more in the air and back up, turn back , return to me !! I install a garmin Etrex legend on the truck and it writen 1 km on it when i d check it after turning back to me !!! Koollll !

For sure i want more , so i check for a better antenna or something else !!!! If somebody know how to improve the range with my radio , feel free to write it to me !!!

I did a vid with my go pro hero on board , but i didn t drive it in FPV because , my go pro is not the HD version and i can t do live vid with , but it give me an idea how it look with a wide angle view !!!!

Traxxas Summit Go Pro Hero On Board (2 min 23 sec)