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Posted by veritus | Jan 04, 2013 @ 09:16 PM | 3,441 Views
Well about 2 months ago I had a successful launch with my Nimbus...the new battery provided more than enough power as the sailplane took off like a jet with a relatively short take off roll! Unforetunately, the carbon rod did not hold up through the latter part of the launch and the right wing seperated from the sailplane. It subsequently crashed without much sailplane left. I was happy to see the product of my hands finally take flight and I would use that battery again! My recomendation after this loss, and the loss of my ASH-25 due to radio interference; a super performer. Get the most reliable and simplest self launch systems, icare and others carry a host of great ones. The one on my ASH was a great one and the new single prop ones seem to be great and almost flawless! I am contemplating putting one of these into my 1/3.75 ASW-28. BUt they are still quite expensive but with my very busy schedule-thus the lateness of this blog-the cost might be worth it. Also, get the new non interference radios, worth the price for your pricey model!! Bruddahs, I keep missing out on some great tow events because I am usually somewhere else. This is not my last blog, I think I might do a build on an ASK kit or something in the future. In the well and I hope to see you out there, when I can make it, at the next soaring event!!