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Posted by veritus | Aug 07, 2010 @ 09:02 PM | 4,220 Views
Well I went to the field to test fly the Nimbus and foretunately, never got off the ground. What do I mean by that, you may ask Well when I finally found a part of the sod farm I could get a good takeoff roll on, it just happened to be bumpy. The Nimbus bounced once and twice and was just about to get airborne, when the left wing came off; but not completely. Apparently I had done a very flimsy fix on the wingrod box, thank God I never got it up in the air or it could have folded up there! Any how, it turned out to be an easy fix by using some hardwood I had laying around, lots of epoxy, and my handy Dremel Tool. Everything is curing perfectly with the rod snuggly fit into its new sleeve, rod is relatively easy to remove.

The other bit of news is that my SLS worked perfectly and the prop locked to the vertical and stored easily when retracted.

It would have been a great day to fly today because of the low humidity, even near 100 degree temps were very bearable, but forecast is for our crazy humidity and high heat indexes to return tomorrow into the coming week...oh well. I might try again tomorrow, regardless, plenty of water will be my constant companion!

I didn't take a camera to the field, I travel light as possible in this heat, but here are a few pics of my fix.
Posted by veritus | Aug 03, 2010 @ 11:03 PM | 4,423 Views
Just an update to those who subscribe to my blog...I am still waiting to fly my Nimbus, the temps in Memphis have been horrendous, actually, dangerous. It used to be that I would go out in a 90 degree temps and roast while hitting thermals, but I also have found that exposing electronics and the physical aircraft to these extremes just isn't good. Anyhow, I don't want to pass out when trying to make a smooth landing! But I think i'll be flying soon, wish I could record it, but we'll see.