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Posted by veritus | May 23, 2010 @ 04:26 PM | 4,781 Views
I added a third battery to my Nimbus, both for power and added redundancy, especially for the reciever. The 10 Channel reciever makes this easy and now everything works; I just hope I haven't defeated the reason for having my carbon wingrod! I seldom rush to fly a new or rebuilt model, in the past I've done so, to my own peril, and the model's demise. I've learned to be very patient over the years! In fact I found a few issues when I did this final rigging, which would have been a real hassle at the field. But because I dealt with them here, at home, they were no problem. Well she CG'd out fine, but the first flight will bear that out. Also did a final SLS check, and that operates real nice. My only concern with this type of SLS is when the model is airborne, and you go to retract it, sometimes-in the past-that prop will not rotate to vertical and the SLS will stay partially open. That's why I like alot of the new SLS's that have the single prop or folding props, that seem to stowe flawlessly. We'll see when I do the initial flights, it will be at a very big sod farm!!