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Posted by veritus | Jun 25, 2009 @ 10:56 AM | 3,698 Views
Well after having to do some rewiring and soldering on the prop sensor for the SLS, yesterday, I was able to fire up the SLS and watch as it went through its full sequence. This sequence starts with the prop sensor sensing the prop in a vertical stored position, then progresses to raise the SLS arm, and finally the motor fires up after 3 distinct warning beeps. The reverse happens after the SLS is commanded to the stowed position.

The SLS is like a circuit in that if any one component does not work, the SLS will either not extend and or retract or it will not start the motor. In this case, the wiring of the prop sensor had been chewed up from an earlier incident while the plane was relatively new and was not repaired, by myself, correctly; at the time I lacked the skills. Foretunately, skills acquired while building the ASH, have so far, found their application in the Nimbus. Imagine soldering 3 wires, red, gold, and brown, unto a circuit board the width of your thumb; now you can't burn the board, and each solder has to be seperate from the other by a millimeter of space. After 5 hours and alot of prayer and some swearing, I saw the red light on the board go on and stay on. When I completely blocked the micro lenses on the sensor, the light went out...eureka, it was working!
Posted by veritus | Jun 16, 2009 @ 12:43 AM | 3,847 Views
Posted by veritus | Jun 13, 2009 @ 11:49 PM | 3,635 Views
Well it has been a while since I said I would start tackeling the Nimbus 4-DM; actually around 2 years! When I said that, I had money to burn and what I considered a wrecked Nimbus, sitting in the corner easily replaceable. Amazing how an economic downturn can make you re-evaluate many things, for example, I am glad that I didn't junk the plane, the damage was not that bad at all; my perspective was just very wrong! In fact after doing some epoxy on the inner wings, I have realized that this sailplane is totally salvageable. I will have to apply Gelcoat to some cosmetic cracks in the gelcoat, but given time, patience, a gelcoat kit, and some elbow grease, I think I can have it back in shape in a few months or sooner! I am awaiting the availability of a new Canopy and upper fuselage doors for the SLS. If I cannot get the doors, I plan to fashion some from Balsa, dryfit to the upper fuse, then wet to mold to the fuse contours, then dope to stiffen. Finally, plane is worth alot, especially with the declining dollar overseas so it is worth putting in the relatively few dollars. I hope to load pics as I progress.