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Posted by veritus | Oct 12, 2007 @ 04:24 PM | 4,107 Views
Well, it has been many months since the loss of my very beautiful ASH-25. If you ever think to get one of these sailplanes, I highly recommend them for handling and forgiving flight characteristics. If you have read my blogs, you know of my ups and downs with the SLS that the glider came with. The SLS needs more power in order to lift this large 7 meter bird with authority. As it is, you would need a very low evenly mown field or a asphalt runway, in order to get good ROGs. Any well kept Sod Farm will do the trick, one with alot of acreage, til you get used to the plane. There is a 5 bladed version of the SLS, which may give more pull, and if you can get so.

The other weakness of the model, is the undercarraige, it is not strong enough for the weight of the model and one really firm landing will bend it enough to start hitting either side of the gear bay. It can be straightened out, but will not be as perfect as when purchased; but it will be close. Now because the plane is a real floater in ground effect, you can avoid firm or hard landings about 97% of the time, even on a bounce but a hard/firm landing will happen.

If you can modify the landing gear and get the most out of the SLS, you will enjoy flying this large beauty. I transported mine in my VW GTI with no trouble.

Now about the crash, although I had questioned at one point, after the fact, that the ASH crashed due to interference, I am very much convinced upon reviewing my last blog,...Continue Reading