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Posted by veritus | May 28, 2007 @ 12:05 PM | 3,674 Views
Well I guess hard come easy go! My ASH-25 is no more!! I was on final approach when my plane started to do a serious aerobatic maneuver by pitching up and climbing sharply then nosing over and slamming hard into a shallow pond. As I was cleaning up what was left, I heard the distant growl of a gas powered RC airplane. The guys at another field had showed up and apparently did not check to see if I was around. A novice mistake on my part, that cost me big. But in future, I will fly at my other field out in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, if you think of getting into large RC saiplanes, it is worth it, they fly and perform really well! I don't regret having a great plane and I hope to have another one in the near future.