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Posted by veritus | Apr 08, 2007 @ 09:21 PM | 3,667 Views
My flights today were....excellent!!!!!!! I couldn't believe how the change in incidence of the stab (check note at end)** effected the flight characteristics, amazing!
The plane went from somewhat hot roddish but controllable with steep pitch es with no trim or elevator input, to docile level, and I mean almost trainer slow performance. My takeoffs occured within 300 feet, or less, once established into the wind, which I did from the get go. My landings were very controllable and predictable; just pumped the spoilers nose went down a bit penetrated deliberate but casual, release spoilers, plane leveled out, pump em up again, nose went over no speed pick up or up elevator needed except when I wanted to slow even more. Landed where I wanted , really didn't need any brake but tested them just the same. By the way, I Ultimately replaced the HS-75BB servo with a very powerful High torque JR Servo and have had no problems on landings.

But on my second flight the plane was climbing fine then shallowed out and did a very slow very forgiving, shallow tip stall to the right. I mean I thought nothing of it but new something was wrong. Thought maybe I was climbing too steep and then realized I wasn't climbing much at all. Oh, Oh!!! Yikes! I must have been at 400 feet or so and lowered the SLS and brought the plane back around. Downwind, Base, Final, actually it was more like a circle to land, and came over some sparse trees and a road, where a van slowed to watch,...Continue Reading