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Posted by veritus | Mar 25, 2007 @ 06:14 PM | 4,600 Views
Yesterday I finally got my ASH-25mi into the air ! As some of you know, this model is a self launching type with a 23 foot wingspan. For those of you who may build the model with an SLS; a Self Launching System, I have a few observations. First when I applied power, the sailplane did nose over-as a few of you had said it would, although I later found out that mine was due to a too forward CG and some errors in control inputs. As a result; the take off roll was initially nose down for a while resulting in a longer than normal T/O run, and the initial climb took a good deal of up elevator. Now, just so you know, I CG'd this aircraft at the recommended CG, in fact I put it at the less conservative 95mm; I recommend you put the CG at 100mm. If not, be prepared to fly as I did; I trimmed it back as far as the trim would go, and held in a bit of up elevator. When I let go of the up stick, the sailplane would dive very significantly. The wings are super strong and this thing can fly fast!!!

The plane flew very well, although a bit faster than expected, which I attribute to the forward CG and the extra weight of the unnecessary lead causing the aforementioned forward CG. The approach was a thrill and a bit fast as it zoomed overhead wings wistling in the wind. With spoilers and flaps( Thank God I had enough up elevator throw) I was able to cut some altitude on the approach and landed gently and within a safe distance.

One blunder I made on landing cost me...Continue Reading