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Posted by FOX ONE! | Mar 22, 2012 @ 12:12 PM | 3,955 Views

EDF Jets:
Freewing 90mm Eurofighter
E-Flite Habu 32 (x 2)
Starmax 90mm F-16
LX TWIN 70mm F-22 (x3, 2 built, 1 boxed!)
LX 70mm F-22 (retract version)

Electric Prop:
EFX Racer (the faster red one!)
Freewing P-51 V2 with Merlin sound
ROCHobby Strega Reno Racer
Phoenix PH041 1720mm Tucano, upgraded 2000W
Kyosho Red Bull Edge 540, upgraded 2000W Balsa/Fibreglass 10065CHB
FMS P-51 V6, upgraded 580kv motor & V7 spinner & blades with zip-tie mod.


EDF Jets:
HK 70mm Rafale
RCLander 70mm F-16 (x2)
E-Flite F-86 composite, upgraded Het 1W-30 1600W
FlyFly Mig-29 twin 92mm
LX Mig-29
LX SU-47
LX F-35
LX SR-71
Sapac Eurofighter (upgraded) on 4S

Electric Prop:
ESM/KMP/YT Spitfire Mk.XIX 1840mm 72.5" (electric conversion)
Kyosho 90 Spitfire (electric conversion)
World Models Nemesis (electric conversion)
180% JETSET44/Steve Shumate F-22
Parkzone P-51 (upgraded as below)
Parkzone Spitfire, replacement for below (upgraded, same as below, then 3700kv on 4S).


Parkzone Spitfire (upgraded, Align 3550kv motor running 3:1 gearbox & 9"x9" APC prop on 3S , with carbon wing spars): Shredded when accidentally flown through a treetop at 90mph while learning RC!