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Posted by RTFD | Dec 30, 2008 @ 11:20 PM | 4,727 Views
Here it is! Called the "Nexus 8," it is a digital proportional radio system operating on the 468MHz band. (Near the GMRS mobile band) The radio is entirely built by Skylink (the brand name I'm building this under), including all the PCB architecture. The radio is assembled in the USA. So far as I know, no other manufacture (Horizon, Fubata, etc.) has built a radio with these kind of specifications and performance.

In a nutshell: beta testers wanted! Essentially this is just receiving a radio (no pun intended) to try it out and test the various functions. Please post if you're interested, I can PM details... I brought home one of the two prototype boxes today and the transmitter is really slick. The sticks feel almost fluid, the plastic mold finish is clean and high-quality, and if it lives up to the design expectations, long-range "fpv" will be a heck of a way to fly!

I will post more information on this in a couple of days. I'm starting this thread now to get a heads start on potential first-users.

Note: I figured I couldn't post something like this without at least a few photos to start out. I took some quick snap shots tonight for you to look at. Later this week I'll have a slew of interesting photos you should check out. However I would really like to get a few radios shipped out before the end of January so those fliers can post what they think/how well it works. From there, bugs can be worked out and we can enjoy a...Continue Reading
Posted by RTFD | Aug 31, 2008 @ 09:52 PM | 5,061 Views
Q-Soar ARF running a 26amp inrunner and 1600mah / 15C / 3S lipo.

Hitec 72MHz Optic 6/Mini 6S radio link.

Just thought I would upload this. Hopefully this post doesn't come off as spamming, however the video is something most RCGers are probably interested in ...