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Posted by Getmore Rc | Mar 10, 2017 @ 12:46 PM | 1,978 Views
All E glass and carbon fiber no wood. 42" in length.


Posted by Getmore Rc | Sep 11, 2009 @ 07:59 PM | 6,656 Views
Thank you for your intrest in my blog.

I have made all the changes on the Matrix to inprove the quality of the kit and the structural integrity of this platform
This has been a fun project and glad to see it get out there.
I want to thank those who buy one, I know you will be very happy with this sport jet. I Will be testing the new Matrix II when I get it finished. The new wing I was trying to be ribless is not going to work and be safe for 150mph plus platform. I was able to make a small change in the wing to help me in the contruction of the wing. so until I find something better The wing will stay the same as before.
Need the feel for speed on a low cost budget This is it. Very fast and can slow down for a nice slow flybye.

COMING SOON- 100mm Matrix II Sport Jet. I will be testing with the Hoaye 4" shroud with a cut down Turbax
rotor and a Turnigy 4030-880kv on 12s packs. This jet will be in ARF form. We are also testing the 100mm Matrix with a Tam's Jet 100mm fan on 10&11s setup so I will have a lowend or highend setup.

Getmore RC. Bill Fields
Contact stoneinforcer for the Phoenix 70mm sport jet.

If you have any question's please feel free to comment.
PM me for pricing and available kit's.

"Get with the program" Have a Matrix in your hangar.