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Posted by freechip | Sep 15, 2014 @ 05:43 PM | 17,926 Views
The Hangar 9® P-51D Mustang 40 ARF is a unique take on the historic fighter. It's modeled after the Mustangs flown over Europe with the 357th Fighter Squadron who escorted allied bombers and attacked targets of opportunity during the final months of WWII. Along with its authentic trim scheme and decals, it includes an impressive list of scale details usually only available on more expensive kits. It's also been designed with a low parts count, so assembly is simple. The overall construction delivers an outstanding sense of realism and the opportunity to choose the power system you enjoy most. Whether it's gas, glow or electric power; hardware for either option is included, plus you can enhance this fighter even further by making the optional flaps operational. Electric retracts are an easy bolt-in option.

In the air, the P-51D Mustang 40 possesses all the best characteristics of a spirited sport plane. Whether you're flying aerobatics or strafing the runway, its smooth, precise control response will make it feel as though you're flying on rails.

Key Features
  • Authentic 8th Air Force, 357th Fighter Squadron trim scheme of genuine
  • UltraCote® covering
  • Hangar 9® quality construction using balsa and lightweight plywood
  • Retract-ready using optional E-flite® electric 85-degree main retracts
  • Scale details such as simulated exhaust, machine guns and antenna mast are included
  • Painted fiberglass cowl and radiator scoop
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Posted by freechip | May 13, 2014 @ 05:42 AM | 19,665 Views
Freechip's Spektrum Radio Help

I started a website for Programming Help, SPM Files and answering to the best of my abilities questions you might have about Spektrum™ DX8, DX9, DX10T & DX18. If I don't know the right answer I will personally try to find out for you. I may also be able to help out with questions in regards to the other Spektrum Radios.

In the past 6yrs that I've been a member of this great forum I have posted over 22,300 times with an average daily posting rate of 10.72 and actively participated in the Radio section of this forum helping my fellow hobbiest with programming and questions in general about the radios and various rc models I share in common with you guys.

Please take a minute to visit and read the first page where you can play a part in help me out. It will only be growing and getting better.

Doing all this has been lots of fun and continues to be. Someone once told me "Lots of great folks in this hobby" and I have certainly met some along the way, MOPAerial, AndyKunz, 09RKC, IEATSRT, Cherokee Flyer are just a few of the many I had the pleasure to chat with and some I even had the chance to meet in person and have since become great friends. I would like to continue helping all the great members and people that contact me and I believe that starting my own website was the way to continue doing so...

Please if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this feel free to PM me.
Posted by freechip | Jul 15, 2013 @ 10:43 AM | 20,872 Views
I've been in the hobby for long time, started in cars, helis, planes, and recently mutli-rotors.
Finally got a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and hope to be making more and better videos.

Also just got back from my first ever RC Road Trip, visited and flew at Eli Field in Monticello, Illinois. Had a blast and look forward to going back next here.

Visit my YT channel and subscribe.

Here are some of the more recent videos.
Traxxas Slash 4x4 FPV (1 min 4 sec)

B 17G (5 min 59 sec)
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Posted by freechip | Jun 24, 2013 @ 08:40 AM | 23,024 Views

Ever had that great idea that turned into such a stupid one?
Here I like to call them BRAIN FARTS.

I'm starting this thread to share my Great Idea turned into a not so great one all because of a Brain Fart I had. But as you will surely find out this story has somewhat of a Happy Ending.

So I have a DJI f550 with NazaM and for those not familiar with these this is a Hexacopter (6motors/props) flying rc that most of the time is used for Aerial Video/Photo stuff. Anyways my f550 is equiped with the NazaM controller with GPS which means it knows it's location and when I do not input transmitter stick control the multirotor stays put. It also stays put in windy conditions.

So I was mainly sport flying mine without camera equipement BUT getting some video shot from onboard was getting more and more appealling.

So here's my GREAT IDEA.

Using my automotive suction cup for my Apple iPhone4 I mount the holder to the belly of the multirotor and attach my iPhone4 to it.

WAIT - Wait just one minute, lets put the iPhone4 in Airplane Mode so that it won't interfere with the GPS and electronic equipement on board the DJI f550 NazaM/GPS multirotor that I am controlling with a Spektrum DX18 and AR8000 fully loaded with Telemetry Altitude Sensor and Spektrum GPS Sensor.

Ok , iPhone4 in Airplane Mode, press Record and take off flying. Here comes another GREAT IDEA, lets climb to 2000ft and get a great view of where I live.

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Posted by freechip | Jan 03, 2013 @ 07:29 PM | 28,340 Views
This thread is to allow members to post their questions, SPM files and or pictures/videos in order to get help from me or others who are subscribed.

Once you no longer need help your post may/will be deleted to keep this thread short and simple.....

This thread is privately moderated by freechip, who may elect to delete unwanted replies.

Posted by freechip | Dec 15, 2012 @ 01:18 PM | 285,145 Views
My New Website Here.

This thread is to provide programming, help and SPM files for these radios for use with the DJI Naza with GPS multirotor controller system.
Warning: This thread is moderated by myself and posts can be deleted at any time by myself. All I ask is that posts stay on topic and that is programming for these radios for the DJI Naza with GPS controller.

This Thread is NOT a DJI Naza with GPS thread and so question about specific DJI components or multirotors should be ask in their respective forum section and threads.
If you have Spektrum Airware radio programming questions for a DJI Naza w/GPS controller then by all means post away and I hope I can provided you with the answers that you need.

There are two Failsafe involve when using the Naza System.
#1 Naza Failsafe. The Naza Failsafe when triggered by either Lost of Signal (when properly setup of course) or by the Failsafe Switch I programmed will do 2 things.
  • A) When using GPS and Failsafe in the Naza Assistant is set to ENHANCE FAILSAFE the unit will return to home position and land.
  • B) When GPS not is use or no GPS sat/signal available it will simply AUTO LAND.
#2 Radio Failsafe. In the event of signal failure you want the receiver to tell the NAZA to go into failsafe mode. For this you need a receiver capable of Preset Failsafe.

GPS Mode - Your multirotor when good GPS sat/signal is locked in will stay in the same spot regardless of wind conditions or any outside forces try to move...Continue Reading
Posted by freechip | Jun 29, 2012 @ 03:59 PM | 97,254 Views
Well considering how long the original thread has been active and the high number of post in it with some less useful than others and with popular demand I decided to start another one.

Be Advice that posts that do not offer any useful information will be deleted, members who posted the deleted thread will receive a private message warning them of the deletion of their post and the reason for the deletion.

Hopefully this will become as popular as the original thread and will make it easier for new owners to look for information regarding these two radios.

Just a friendly reminder that in order to subscribe to this thread it is not necessary to post Subscribed, you can simply use the thread tools and click to subscribe and this also allows you chose the type of notification you would like for this thread.........

With over 200 posts from various helpful contributing members this thread is moving along great. Thank You to those providing useful information, keep up the good work..........
Posted by freechip | Nov 12, 2008 @ 09:40 AM | 32,535 Views
I have been in rc cars for over 25 years and recently branched out in boating, heli and PLANES. I do not make a ton of money so I try to spend it wisely and so my collection is limited compared to what I would really want it to be BUT I guess that would apply for most of us regular folks so my current collection consist of the following RC.

RC4WD Trail Finder 2 What can I say, it's RC4WD.
DJI f550 Naza GPS Can't wait to put camera on this one.
Parkzone f27q Stryker Probably my fastest so far
Pakzone Radian Pro My first Sailplane
E-Flite Super Cub 25e ARF I just finish building her and haven't maiden yet.
E-Flite Beast 3D Very fun to fly and stable with AS3X
Parrot AR.DRONE Now converted to TX flying.
E-Flite Blade MQXThis thing is AWESOME.
Losi NightCrawler and the more I play with it the more I luv crawling
Traxxas Bandit XL-5 upgraded to VXL.
Aquacraft Rio 51Z on display in the basement yet to see water.
Aquacraft Rio EP use for small ponds and as rescue boat.
Aquacraft Reef Racer IIIt was for the pool but now it's too fast.
Hangar 9 T-34 Mentor currently the biggest of my planes.
Parkzone F4u crosair favorite of my planes.
Art-tech EF2000 edf jet.
Parkzone SuperDecathlon BL, my first plane I learned to fly and still have it so thats a good sign.
E-Flite Blade 120sr, first single rotor and super fun to fly.
E-flite Blade CX2, first heli and still have it.
Guillows flying fortress B-17 under construction and may never see the sky
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