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Posted by flyboy321 | Dec 19, 2009 @ 11:21 AM | 8,907 Views
You've got to make one of these. It is floaty and needs very little power to fly. Check out the thread:

If you've got an extra motor or you are bored, build one of these. I guarentee you will like it!

This has soon become the favorite plane in my hanger. It is just so floaty and so forgiving. Today I had the most fun I've had in a long time. I was flying up and down the street (live in a neighborhood with trees on both sides) and the neighborhood kids were chucking snowballs at it (I told them they could). I got it stuck 100 feet up in this big oak. I tried full throttle and rudder and elevator and could get it out... so I use motion. I go from no throttle to throttle and get a swinging motion on the branch. So when it goes back I use no throttle, and full throttle forward. I did this for about 10 seconds and on the 8th spurt forward it broke loose. I wouldv'e been screwed if it didn't. So then I continued flying and they kept chucking snowballs at it and then my neighbor makes a huge snowball, throws it hard, and hits it. So it hits hard and what is the damage? Nothing. So I toss it up again. The neighborhood kids hit it every once in a while with minimal damage and all is going good until my brother comes out... He decided it'd be funny if he threw one as hard as he could. And of course it hits and leaves a whole the size of a 50 cent piece in the side of the fuse. So what do I do? Toss it back up. I flew for 20+ minutes full throttle and it was awesome. Thanks again for the plane plans! -Tyler