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Posted by flyboy321 | Jun 02, 2009 @ 06:57 PM | 9,067 Views
I got out of school last Friday... and then two days into my summer I flipped a go kart going about 30 mph. I scraped up my elbows and legs pretty bad. I also broke a bone in my wrist... I'll put some pics up in a little bit. When I flipped i didd 2 full rolls and landed sideways. I blacked out for a minute or two. You could see my knucklr bone for my midddle finger and all the tendons and muscles and such. I went to the ER for a few hours 2 nights and they gave me 5 stitches to just hold the flap of skin down. Then yesterday we were at the hospital for 6 hours... only 1 hour for preparation for the surgery and 1 hour for the actual surgery... so basically we were sitting around waiting for a long time... which totally sucked because I hadnt eaten since lunch the previous day and I couldn't take any pain pills. When the guy went and looked at the roll cage and it was totally warped. He said there was a bolt stickingg out and that I must have hit my hand on that because there was skin still stuck on it. Well now I can't do RC or anything except tv for 2 months minimum... and of course I'm right handed and it happened to my right hand. Well I'm done complaining, and expect more of these because they give me something to do-besides watching tv. -Tyler

Just FYI for anyone that didn't know: It seems like no ones in a hurry to take care of you in the ER or the hospital... unless you're life is threatened. So if you want quick service youbetter start crying and wailing. lol