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Posted by flyboy321 | Jan 01, 2009 @ 08:42 PM | 9,513 Views
Well this holidays season I met 3 great people. They were kind, generous, and very caring. It all started with me looking for a new plane that I would like for Christmas. I had been looking at the Yardbird F-22 for awhile, and decided that was the one I was going to get. I then began asking motor/esc/battery options. Daniel Sny (MicroDan) provided me with a link to his website and had a motor on there. At $55 it was out of my price range. He then responded by saying if I had good grades then he would buy me the motor. I put up a picture of my A's and B's, and I gave him my address to ship it to me... and then things got even better. He decided he was going to give me the works!! He ended up sending me charger, battery, motor, servos, esc, and a receiver!!!! What an amazing guy. A few days later I got an email saying that a couple would like to buy me the plane!!!! I was contacted by David Altman (Jafo216) a few days later saying that him and his wife would like do something nice for someone and they chose me!!! So I then gave me their address and they got it shipped!!! It arrived about a week later... and 2 days before that the electronics came!!!! Well it arrived the day I was at my friends house, so I didn't get to put it together until around 3. Well the power went out 2 days before because an ice storm had hit. So I began to put my plane together, and it eventually became dark out. So then I tried to sleep... it's hard to fall asleep at 6 when you have a half built plane a few feet away. So I began to work on my F22 again... by candlelight and flashlight!!!!!!! I had 4 candles, 2 flashlights, and a lantern!!!!! I worked on it until around 11 and then went to bed. I finished most of it except the electronics! I just never thought that I would be building a plane that late... and without electricity!!!!!!!!!!