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Posted by flyboy321 | Dec 07, 2008 @ 12:04 PM | 9,517 Views
Alright you guys. So it has been about 2-3 months since I've flown my cub... and guess what?! I FLEW IT TODAY!!!!!! So it happened about 2-3 months ago when I broke the Fuse for the last time. I had cracked the back off 3 times, and the firewall once. This time it ripped open the part where the electronics go. It had come to the point where my fuse was more epoxy than foam. So it just had to go. So I took all of the electronics out of my plane. And saved the fuse (no idea why, just did). So then about a month ago I was like "man, maybe I'll try it once again". So i glued the fuse one last time. Put all of the electronics in it, and went for it. I cracked the back half off for the 4th time, and broke off other various parts. So I gutted it again. And once again kept the fuse. So I about 2 weeks ago my brother was going to get a game for his gamecube. I said "Trevor, you already have like 100 games, why don't you buy a plane and I can teach you to fly instead". So he thought about it and then spent like 4 straight hours on the Computer looking for a plane. He found a couple that were under a hundred. And most of those were cheap chinese planes, used plane, or ARF (he didn't know he should get a RTF plane because I wasn't gonna put nice electronics in his starter plane. Then it came to me, I could let Trevor use my cub since I don't use it and the electronics are just wasting space. So I told him if he bought the Fuse, I would teach him how to fly and then...Continue Reading