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Posted by jotore | Mar 08, 2010 @ 03:40 AM | 2,393 Views

this is my first blog here, so i start with a question since i'm pretty new to repairing covered balsa-wings. I tried to fit the camber-changing flap to the mid-section of my Graupner Cumulus XXL, from the underside of the wing, just some cm.from where the flap-servo is gonna be installed. Since the flap is pretty twisted (more owners of this model had the same issues regarding a twisted flap) This led to pretty much power needed to "bend" the flap to tape-hinge it..if anybody can tell me how to make the flap deflect up and down with tape hinge it would be great.

Well, the thing is, i don't wanna remove the Graupner's very lightweight cover-film, it's not mentioned what kind it is or the color-codes. Since i had to use The Force to achieve a straight flap, i managed to press on the balsa between the ribs, and it did crack, but just a clean one, nothing smashed and it's almost not visible. But it will weaken the structure of the wing for sure. Have added a pic below, and my question is:

can i just use a syringe or something and press some thin cyano into the cracked spot -into the crack itself? Will it be strong enough then or do i need to go the #?%#! way and remove the covering to add a bit of balsa to the other side of the cracked part? It's not big, around 30mm long crack and it's parallel to the wood grains, luckily. In the pic the crack is between the servo-hole and the wing-ribs..

Any thoughts very welcome!