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Posted by rob"hittman"hi | Jan 15, 2013 @ 01:31 AM | 2,084 Views
HELLO THERE!!!!!!!!! I JUST PURCHASE (2)- EFLM3015DF, (2)EFLDF15, (2) E-flite (EFLA1060)ESC W/BEC, FOR MY A-10a Thunderbolt 11, 12 channel, SKU: JT2100-09-KIT from Banana Hobbys,!

The question is did I pick the right EDF System, for her? If not which EDF SYSTEM, WOULD YOU PICK? Here is also what I plan to do is sheet the wings, vertical stabilizer, horazonial stabilizer , and fuselage with 1/32 balsa wood sheeting or thinner if possable. They say she weighs 2540.0,g= 89.59586335,onces or, 5.599741459 Lbs.on (ARF) with electrics. Out put for there 69 mm total,EDF is 99 oz, or 6.1875 Lbs of thrust, The thrust is 1.6 lbs @ 3s (11.1Vot) or 3.2 Lbs for both each running on 3s (11.1) batteries. I do not know if weight measurements our true or not, but it seems the thought is to upgrade to your E-Flite-EFLDF480B system. Am I right? What lipo battery, and servos would you go with? How about the DX8 8CH Transmitter with AR8000/TM1000: No Servos by Spektrum (SPM8800) or the DX8 DSMX Transmitter Only MD2 by Spektrum (SPMR8800) or the DX7s 7Ch Radio with AR8000, AR6115E & AR400 (no servos) MD2. Do these Tx come with Rx? If not which Rx?