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Posted by P-51 flyby | Apr 20, 2014 @ 11:31 AM | 3,751 Views
Lot of info and mods coming up soon....
Ok buying this boat I knew it was going to be a rough one. But honestly having a background in engineering and common sense I figure I could handle this. I have always loved F-1 boats and Hydros. I have only been into rc boats for 3 months and only have the revolt 30. This is going to be a challenge. That being said I feel like these are going to be Disc. by Hobbyking and I pushed until this was the last one in the USA Warehouse. It was a close one. Out of the box it didn't take long to find dumb things...like not hex screws used on the adjustable motor mount that you cant fit a screw driver in unless the entire rear end is removed. Not to mention that all the hardware is monkey metal. I knew all of this would be an issue quite honestly I just wanted the hull anyway. This is a project boat! Its supposed to make me cuss and want to pull my hair out. With that approach I have enjoyed laughing at the flaws of this boat. I have all intentions getting a upgrade leg for this boat but as I do from a hot rodder point of view and engineering point of view. I am going to push the stock leg until its gone while I choose which outboard leg I want. I when picking this boat up want to run 4s maybe but rarely want 6s. I noticed that the adjustable motor mount was funky as said by type of screws was incorrect for the location of the screws but even better no washers and whomever fastened them at the factory didn't use washers so they still are not...Continue Reading
Posted by P-51 flyby | Mar 30, 2014 @ 11:32 AM | 4,145 Views
So after a while I began to realize I don't have any warbirds from the Pacific theater and I felt it is time for change. I have always liked the Hellcat a hair better that the Wildcat. That and the only two RC versions were the parkzone....I don't think so! or the one from BH and I am not sure about that one yet for the plans I have for it yet. So on to the Hellcat. I grabbed it up on a whim and need a bird to just have and have a great time with. That being said I was trying to keep this simple and stock. I get tired of seeing the same old...same old paint and I always like to make things my own versus be a sheep. So I added some little details here and there and as I normally do based my bird off an actual bird that means something to me. I was going to do a Marine version of this bird. But just didn't like the goofy recon part on the wing so I may save that for another Hellcat. This bird comes from CV-18 USS Wasp. That boat's name was changed to honor the crew of CV-7 USS Wasp that was sunk by Jap. I-19 years before. What does all this mean to me. My Grandfather was one of the last men off the CV-7 as it was sinking and did all he could to make sure everyone else made it off the boat first. So that being said I figured out of all the Hellcat RC models you likely haven't seen Robert Keifers Number 21 from the Wasp. I have done mostly cosmetic mods on this plane so far. I haven't flown this plane yet but I am fairly certain that I will upgrade the power to the 3720 650...Continue Reading
Posted by P-51 flyby | Mar 14, 2013 @ 09:57 PM | 6,796 Views
So I will add more later on the story. But I picked this girl up as a ARF used two days ago! She had been crashed but I am pretty decent with tools so I can and have fixed some things the previous pilot jury rigged.

I have decided to make this plane into Panchito...but with a twist! Here are some pics more details on the way!...Continue Reading
Posted by P-51 flyby | Mar 06, 2013 @ 08:39 PM | 5,403 Views
Bald Eagle Project.

This project began sometime in Oct. 2012 yet the first part was bought in Nov. of 2011. See the beloved "Angels Playmate" had lost her canopy and I realized I had to buy a new fuse to get the foam part of the canopy. Well the old canopy was found in the field after the purchase was made of the new fuse. So that left me with a fuse hanging around with nothing to do. As Angels is getting older I wanted to retire her before she was completely gone. Now what i mean by retire is simple. I will still fly her on occasion but she would no longer be my go to bird. Which she is now. If my other planes piss me off or life is bugging me this is the Mustang in the stable that always seems to do just fine and always ready to find some jerries. So all of that being said...Bald Eagle began construction. Why Bald Eagle.....simple. I replicate planes I have seen and have meaning to me. Like Angels Playmate came about because the airshow my girlfriend and I began dating,Angels was a plane we both found quite cool out of the mustangs that were there...Bald Eagle came about because I have grown up going to airshows. I recall some great memories seeing Mustangs perform. Watching Jim Beasley Jr. fly the absolute hell out of a Mustang is a great memory. One of the last times I recall seeing Jim fly Bald Eagle was at Cherry Point,NC in 2008. It was great seeing him fly that stang three times that weekend. So Bald Eagle is on the list of stangs to do so...here she...Continue Reading
Posted by P-51 flyby | Oct 03, 2012 @ 08:33 PM | 5,827 Views
So after almost a year of wanting to build a Piedmont DC-3...its nearing completion. Lets start at the well...start. I got back into this hobby a year and a month ago after a few years out of it. I always wanted to build a Topflite DC-3 and do a Piedmont DC-3 out of it. Getting back into the hobby found that electrics fit my budget and the days of overwieght and underpowered planes were over. Lipo and brushless it is!! I found that Dynam makes a DC-3 and for one reason or another opted out of buying one...(normally to buy yet another P-51). I had a chance to see one of these little birds fly at my local flying field. It flew great and the pilot one of about 5 men at this club that isnt a stuck up sh*t stain would spend hours talking about aviation RC and full scale. Great guy! Fast forward 4 months. I approached him about selling his C-47 from Dynam as it had been crashed a few times and had terrible case of sunburn from being stored in direct sunlight. I knew I was going to strip this bird down and turn her into a DC-3 so that didnt bother me. As with any used plane you buy you know there is going to be an amount of repairs done that you would have done different or things here and there you find you want to change. The seller was very straight forward about the planes history. As I began the process of stripping her paint and parts..I really began to doubt if I had lost my mind on buying this plane to make the Piedmont DC-3. Her paint had melted from being in the sun...Continue Reading