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Posted by jjmouris | Jun 03, 2012 @ 04:36 PM | 10,093 Views
So i thought i would share a little secret sauce from the F5B world for those who have no idea what all this stuff is about. Save you some work, make life a whole lot more easy. Some people don't want me to post this, and it is indeed a lot of invested time and effort i am about to share with you. You can buy me a beer some time.

End points;
For starters you have to realise that whatever you do with the signal coming from the TX is going to be between the end points you have set on the TX. If those end points are a long way beyond what the ESC is looking for, then your ramps will not take the amount of time / have the effect you expect them to have. So you might want to figure out where the end points need to be for your ESC before you start dialing things in to much. You can test this on the bench with a couple of cells less and no prop. When you have found the end points you need, you want to add a little extra for reliable operation.

Forward speed vs RPM;
The angle of attack (AOA) of a prop is what makes or breaks performance. Just like a wing, get the AOA to high and it will stall. There are two factors that determine the AOA during normal operation, the RPM and the forward speed of the plane. Fortionately unlike a wing, when the prop starts to stall it will only start to stall near the root of the prop blades and not stall completely. This means you still get a lot of thrust and just a small loss in efficiency. The bigger the part of the prop stalled, the lower...Continue Reading