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Posted by jjmouris | May 14, 2012 @ 08:16 AM | 50,112 Views
Right, well i thought this would perhaps be a good location to collect data / ideas and so on.

The main concept may change as i go along.

The concept;

Make an open source firmware ESC capable of hardcore F5B abuse. Everyone can decide what firmware to use and modify things as they please. Lower the price of an ESC down to the parts + manufacture. No software provided, no guaranty. Proceed at your own parrel.

1ste phase;

Modify a cheap Chinese 200A controller to accept open source firmware. Probably what has been developed by SimonK for the multicopters or a little something from George Shering. Maybe add a little smoothing / ramp on the throttle input as we go.


The USBasp programmer
Red Brick 200A ESC
Red Brick 200A ESC with BEC
USB dongle

2nd phase;

Build our own controller to run with the above firmware. Use the same ATMega8 for the main processor. Upgraded mosfets and smaller form factor power boards. Likely to have a modular connector like the CC controllers. This would allow interaction with other projects from other people.


3de phase;

Build a new logic board with a better processor. Dependant on what processors become popular with the software writing community in the future.

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