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Posted by target | Nov 26, 2010 @ 03:48 PM | 22,787 Views
I have a new toy. Since I am starting to fly some F3B when time allows, I decided to get one of these babies.
I wanted a plane that would be light unballasted, so that I would be able to make the duration task without as much trouble as a heavier plane.
And, I have to use my less than "world class" thermal skills to do it.
I believe that the Extasy will be easier in this regard than my Cyril was. I can also use this plane as a windy condition TD plane, the way I did with my NAN Tracer.

Anyway, a little bit about the plane:

It's a little over 3 meters in span. It comes with the wings setup with RDS, and the frames are pre-installed. This, in my opinion makes for a "starter" RDS plane. The factory has already done the measuring, taking the head-scratching and guess work out of the build. While I had no problem with installing the RDS in the Cyril, and it came out great, I did spend a lot of time "looking" at the servo install in the wings, and gluing the frames in is a "leap of faith".... So, the Extasy is more of a "plug and play" plane in that regard.

The fuse is more of a standard setup, that requires the builder to cut out the shelf on the sub-nose for their own servo arrangement. This is a bit more work than where there is a pre-cut, specific servo arrangement. I like options for the gear layout in the fuselage, and I will likely add a ballast tube in the fuse....Continue Reading