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Posted by target | Sep 19, 2009 @ 10:55 PM | 29,689 Views
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B-day present to me, from my wife (I picked it out for her, and she doesn't know just how well she did....)!

270g Fuse (has about the first 1/2" filled with lead shot already)
68g V-tails (pair)
135g Joiner
592g Left Wing
597g Rt Wing
56g Misc Hardware/covers
1718g Empty weight -60.6 oz!
138g 6x 761 servos
31g Fusion 9 rx
115g 5 cell 2/3A 1500 pack
35g Target made ballast tube
2037g Total, before build out, 72 oz

I may try to shave some weight here and there to trim the fat. It does have music wire pushrods in the snakes, for example.
The joiner is a bit heavy for its size, and is likely very strong.

Wings have ballast tubes in the roots, 14mm diameter x 267mm long.
Should hold some weight, but maybe not enough. Calculates out to about 16oz per side, so 900g total in the wings.

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EDIT: Looks like I can fit a "Ceres" rectangular tube in the fuse to hold 7 slugs; they are 4.6oz each in the stock brass (32.2oz, or another 900g), or 6 oz each in lead (170g each, 1.19kg total), 42oz total.
So, I should be able to ballast up the Tracer with between 64 and 74 oz of total ballast, if the wing tube is in the right place (it's centered on 109mm).
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