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Posted by target | Jan 02, 2007 @ 12:27 AM | 81,341 Views
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Soaring USA's Destiny, Built with Ballast Tube

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And here is a mini-how-to on the ballast tube build:

My brother Mike had a second Destiny that he bought for a back up to his original Destiny, from Bob at:

He had the extra plane for over a year, and I suggested that he build it up, so that it could truly be the back up to his original 4-year-old Destiny, or at least, the other way around.

My brother is a fairly good pilot, and flys his Destiny more than any of his other planes, so his has been repaired many times. We have found that the plane is an extremely good value, but I figured I could make it a little bit better with a few simple modifications.

First off, we both agreed that the plane was a little bit light for really high lift, and the turbulence that often accompanies high lift into the landing zone.
So, the inclusion of a ballast tube was a high priority. We wanted to get the plane over 30 ounces ballasted, but stay close to 20 ounces empty.
Also, we wanted to avoid having to take the wing off to ballast. Heck, my brother, Mike, hates to take the wing off at all! So, ballast would have to be inserted through the canopy.

To help the fuselage cope with the extra strain of ballasted landings,...Continue Reading