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Posted by target | Nov 19, 2006 @ 01:39 PM | 36,000 Views
Soaring USA Cappuccino Build Thread


My brother has been flying his 54" Destiny for a couple years now. It's a great little plane, but needs more than light lift to fly comfortably. A bigger plane is what he needed for light lift.
I promised my brother that if he bought a plane bigger than two meters, I'd build it for him. He took me up on my offer. But which one?

We decided on the 2.6 meter Cappuccino for him, mostly to fly at our local site, which has relatively light lift .
It has the HD45 airfoil, the same one the Trinity F3B has, so should be fast, and be able to float, too.

Bob at
had pretty much everything we needed to get the plane up and running. Servos, reciever, etc.

It's a nice kit, and I can honestly say that Valenta keeps getting better and better. There are MANY very nice details already done for you.
Some of them include:

*Pre-cut slots for all the control surface hook ups: ailerons, flaps, rudder, and the entire full-flying stab is done for you!

*MPX plugs are included in the kit bag! So are all the hardware, and it's good stuff. The only thing missing was the 2-56 all thread for the short linkages between wing servos and surfaces. The rest is all there.

*Pre cut servo frames for the aileron and flap servos!

*Holes for the MPX plugs are molded into the fuse shoulder!

*Even the canopy hold down wire is pre-glassed...Continue Reading
Posted by target | Nov 08, 2006 @ 09:31 PM | 36,359 Views
Well, no Blog entries for a LONG time....

In the que-

Jart parts on the bench presently-
S6062 stock Carbon V-bagged wings, but 2 pc, with 5/16" wingrod, AND-
A6522>>A6020 1/32" ply sheeted and glassed "shortie" wings, to interchange
with the stockers....
Bagged Carbon tail parts, Dutchy fuse

************************************************** **
Brother's SUSA/Valenta Cappeccino, I told him I'd build if he bought a real plane, not a 2 meter or 60"!
So, he did; D'oh! DONE!

Xica! Ken Stuhr Pitcheron MADNESS!


Two sets of wings, one set needs glassing. Waiting on BIG digi servos. May make some new tail pieces.

Timmig/Carlski/Target "Secret Project". Hope to have examples at 2007 PSS Fest, we'll see.


New fuses that cry out for bagged wings:

SUSHI fuse-
Mmmm, California Rolls!

Avion fuse-
The only 60" that I ever saw with a cross tail... May have to chop this BEAUTIFULLY LAYED UP glass/carbon fuse, stretch 3" longer tailboom, and make a mold; it would be the ultimate 60" slope racer...looks like a mini Eagle.

New Zipper fuse-
Might have to bag me a PW-51 wing @ 54-56", and a bagged airfoiled vertical, to stop that wagging...

Maverick 3M F3F fuse-
Very nice and light fuse, maybe DS-19 wings would work?? Or the stocker RG-14's? Hmmm.

Super Dragonfly...Continue Reading