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Posted by BigD1961 | Dec 15, 2014 @ 01:20 PM | 3,545 Views
I joined the Bowling Green club this year, but did not get my money's worth for it, so I will not renew for 2015. I am going to try and join the Elizabethtown club instead.
Built several planes this year but didn't get to fly but one, the Parkzone T28 which I busted up on the maiden flight. Got it all put back together now.
Bought a HeliMax 230SI with the video camera and have enjoyed that a lot.
Cleaned up and organized the hobby room.
I am including some pics of what the year has been like.
Also picked up a 1/6 scale RC tank. I plan on detailing it out like the military models I used to build and compete with.
I won 4 planes this year including the Piper Cub at the Bowling Green Warbird Fly In.
I have two waterplanes I need to maiden including a Tidewater I bought at SEFF this year.
The planes I continue to fly the most are my ultra micros, I can fly them in the back yard, so that's very handy.
Look on my Youtube channel (Bigd Stratton) for the videos from my 230SI.
Posted by BigD1961 | Apr 29, 2014 @ 08:08 PM | 4,399 Views
I bought 200 tickets for $75 and won 3 planes and a battery. Not a bad haul at all! This makes 6 planes in 4 years. The SE5 will be a handful I'm afraid. The gyro copter will also require a little extra attention. Everyone says to be sure and take off from pavement. I already maidened the Mustang and broke the motor shaft, but man, that bird is pretty!!
Posted by BigD1961 | Jan 25, 2014 @ 04:44 PM | 4,309 Views
Just before the snow started melting off.
Kyosho Blizzard Jan 2014 (1 min 3 sec)

Kyosho Blizzard Video #2 (1 min 48 sec)
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Posted by BigD1961 | Jan 23, 2014 @ 06:51 PM | 4,516 Views
3 years with no snow here in Podunk Kentucky. The Blizzard is starting to get dust on her! Dang this global warming!!
Posted by BigD1961 | Dec 26, 2013 @ 02:56 PM | 4,262 Views
Since I have had so much time off, I decided to work on some old classic stuff I had laying around. I started rebuilding / updating my Tamiya Blackfoot. I am also starting on my Marui Big Bear and Galaxy. The Big Bear I bought off of e-bay and it's in really good condition. The Blackfoot I got as a birthday present almost 30 years ago! It's coming along though and here are some pics.
The Galaxy will take some work as it has been apart for many years.
Posted by BigD1961 | Nov 02, 2013 @ 06:59 PM | 4,642 Views
Started on the Popwing this week. Having some issues with the control rods. The EZ connectors do not swivel as they should. Puts lots of strain on the servos.
Posted by BigD1961 | Oct 26, 2013 @ 11:02 AM | 4,380 Views
Just a few new pics. I am going to start building a small Popwing flying wing today. It will be my first flying wing and I hope I can fly it better in real life than on the simulator because I can't fly the one in the sim worth a darn! Time will tell.
Posted by BigD1961 | Apr 21, 2013 @ 09:11 AM | 4,593 Views
For all intents and purposes, the room is done. We have been using it and enjoying it every day. We watch movies in here as well as access the computers. PLENTY of hobby room now and you can see the projects and items I am working on.
Posted by BigD1961 | Jan 17, 2013 @ 05:24 AM | 5,210 Views
I am doing some remodelling and should have a much larger hobby room soon. We had a formal living room we never used and my hobby room just kept getting smaller and smaller so........
Also it gives me an opportunity to turn the old hobby room into a real utility room for the wife. The old one was barely large enough for the washer and dryer and you could barely walk past it and open the garage door.
I get about 3 times more space, but boy the remodelling work is a bummer. Had to close off one opening and add a door to another opening.
But when it's done..........
Posted by BigD1961 | Dec 15, 2012 @ 03:24 PM | 4,887 Views
Here is my new Baja and the XXX-SCB I bought last year. The XXT Truck is older and the Ultima is from the 80s, as well at the Blackfoot. Look at the Ultima which was supposed to be 1/10 scale and look at the XXXSCB which is supposed to be 1/10 scale. Hmmmm, makes you wonder.
Posted by BigD1961 | Dec 15, 2012 @ 03:10 PM | 4,871 Views
I have been getting more into RC cars and trucks lately. The doggies love the Stampede and the new Duratrax Baja Bug I bought.
I have also been building a Magnum Reloaded airplane kit. I am hoping to get it done this weekend.
I have also got out all my old RC cars and trucks and am trying to get them all up and running. I have my Blackfoot and XXT truck out, as well as my Ultima I converted into a Pro back in the 80's (yes we raced those old cars back then).
I am either going to convert my Axial Scorpion to a monster truck or trade it for a Wraith, if I can find someone interested in trading.
Here are some pics of my stuff I am tinkering with.
Posted by BigD1961 | Dec 09, 2012 @ 02:00 PM | 5,191 Views
Well, I found my pics of Rough River and have pics from the Jet meet at Bardstown to add, as well as pics from the Bowling Green club and a couple of their activities.
Posted by BigD1961 | Jun 07, 2012 @ 04:07 PM | 5,241 Views
The number of attendies to this event shrinks a little every year, while the size and quality of the planes goes up. I guess too many people don't have the time to build, including me.
I'll post some pics when I find the folder I put them in....
Posted by BigD1961 | Jun 07, 2012 @ 04:01 PM | 5,258 Views
Had a great time. Met DJ Moose from ATTF and again talked to Crash Hancok from the crash cast.
I also got to meet several guys from Horizon Hobby, including the owner / manager (?) and everyone was super awesome to talk to. Got to see the new AS3X planes fly...I want them all!!!
I got lucky and won another plane this year, a Sensei which I needed badly to learn on.
Going to go to Joe Nall next year instead of SEFF, I hear it's super awesome.
Posted by BigD1961 | Feb 17, 2012 @ 01:38 PM | 5,959 Views
Here is some of the progress so far. I have the fuse. and the landinf gear cut out so far.
Here are a couple of pics of how it will look when done.