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Posted by CX2X3 | Jul 17, 2008 @ 11:11 AM | 2,767 Views
Some action photos from last Sunday's sunset-fly in Houtbay, Cape Town, South Africa.

I have 3 CX2s .. One is stock standard (Body painted black) the other two has been pimped to the max Xtreme body kits + Xtreme 180 motors + Xtreme blade grips and blades and e-flite metal upgrades and double heat syncs for the hot South African weather.

I am also running the one Xtreme CX2 on 3S 800MaH Litestorm LiPos. This was the first time I got to fly it outside and even in a bit of a breeze the power and lift was awesome compared to the one I'm still flying with the 2S Xtreme LiPos. I was a bit concerned that the 3S would make it too heavy - but even with the extra weight it still handles perfectly and the extra power give it a really nice feel (and sound)... also managed to get myself out of a couple of tight spots with the extra power.

Flight time on the 3S is almost 30 min - I have to stop after 10-15 min and let the motors cool down first as they get really really hot even with double heat syncs on them. So far the electronics and motors donít seem to be negatively impacted by the extra 4V.. but only time will tell if it will last....Continue Reading