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Posted by GLieberman1989 | Feb 18, 2014 @ 02:14 AM | 9,715 Views
I decided to start a build with long endurance flights in mind (over an hour), as well as test out a few other features, like fpv camera turrets, etc. This build will be using the 3DR Pixhawk (v2.4 board) autopilot system complimented with the digital airspeed sensor, and the Ublox LEA-6 gps/magnetometer module.

The endurance goal should not be an issue at all as the plane is capable of cruising at 25kts at an average of only 4-6 amps. I will not be using Lipos, but rather a type of lithium ion battery that is 40% more energy dense. The downside to these new packs is that it has to be manually assembled and can only sustain a 2C discharge rate. More details to come later.

As far as components are concerned i will be using as follows:

Power system:
  • Hobbywing Fun-Fly 60amp ESC
  • RMRC 5amp BEC
  • Henge digital metal gear servos (x5)
  • 180 degree metal geared servo for pan?
  • T-motor 830kv outrunner

  • 3DR Pixhawk
  • 3DR power module
  • 3DR 915mHz telemetry
  • 3DR minimOSD
  • ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8gHz video tranmitter
  • ImmersionRC clover leaf antenna
  • 10x zoom 700tvl fpv camera from fpvmodel for payload operator
  • 540tvl cctv fpv camera for pilot

Anyways, pictures of the build so far are attached!...Continue Reading
Posted by GLieberman1989 | May 21, 2013 @ 10:13 PM | 4,078 Views
I have definitely caught the FPV bug! My first project, the Skywalker UAV, launched me full force into the new hobby and I never looked back! I've lined up a few more FPV projects i'm thinking about putting together, and/or already started. My next few projects will be as follows:
  • Bixler 1.1 FPV (simple FPV ship w/ no autopilot)
  • Bumblebee 550 quad UAV (with ardupilot 2.5)

Bixler 1.1 FPV
I've already started on the Bixler FPV ship and have gathered most of the parts needed to complete it. I will be using my UHF rigged Turnigy system, a skylark OSD (Hobby King knockoff version), my predator video goggles and a turnigy micro FPV camera. Some pics of my build below.

The components used in this build include:
FPV gear
  • Turnigy Micro FPV Camera 700TVL
  • HobbyKing Tiny OSD III
  • Immersion RC 5.8Ghz 500mw transmitter
  • Fatshark Predator video goggles and built in receiver
  • Circular Polarized spiroNet Antennas
Power System, etc.
  • HXT900 servos (x6)
  • Turnigy D2826-6 2200kv Outrunner Motor
  • HobbyKing 40A BlueSeries ESC
  • Turnigy 3A UBEC
  • OrangeRX RX3S 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer V2
  • Immersion RC ezUHF receiver
  • Sander style UHF antenna
  • Turnigy 2200mah 3s Lipo for flight and video

Bumblebee 550 UAV

Just got started on this project the first week of June. It will be a much more lengthy build than the bixler FPV as this will incorporate, a Arudupilot 2.5 mega, a full autopilot (like my Skywaler UAV project).

FPV/UAV gear
  • GoPro Hero 2 (same camera from my Skywalker 1680mm UAV)
  • APM 2.5 mega
...Continue Reading
Posted by GLieberman1989 | Feb 26, 2013 @ 04:20 AM | 16,889 Views
I started this project back in September with FPV flying in mind but have step-by-step working into making it a full UAV.

My build covers photos from the construction process and components I decided to include. As of this point in time my Skywalker platform contains the following UAV-FPV components:
  • Ardupilot 2.5 mega
  • 3DR uBlox GPS antenna
  • minim OSD
  • 915 Mhz 3DR telemetry unit w/stock antenna
  • 600 mW 5.8 Ghz immersion RC video transmitter w/ spiroNet antenna
  • EzUHF diversity receiver w/ sanders style antennas
  • GoPro Hero 2

Ground station components:
  • FatShark predator V1 video goggles
  • 3DR telemetry
  • All4Cellular 7" Google Android 4.1 Tablet
  • ASUS S56CA-WH31 15.6-Inch Ultrabook
  • computer joystick
  • Turnigy 9X w/ EzUHF tranmitter and Diamond SRH771
  • pan/tilt AT mount w/ maestro servo controller

The electronics package includes:
  • Turnigy 3536/8 1000kv outrunner w/ 9x6 APC pusher prop
  • Hobby King 60amp ESC
  • Ready Made RC 5-7.5A UBEC
  • HXT 9 gram servos for ailerons, elevator, rudder, and pan/tilt on camera, possibly add flaps later
  • Turnigy 4500 nanotech 4s lipo for flight and UAV components (nearly every setup I've seen has independent flight batteries and VTX batteries, but i'd like to keep things as simple as possible. Maybe i'm doing it wrong...)

To start the project I purchased a v5 Skywalker airframe and used the HXT 9 grams and hobbyking 30 ESC i had from another plane. The pan/tilt mechanism I purchased...Continue Reading
Posted by GLieberman1989 | Jun 15, 2012 @ 09:43 PM | 5,247 Views
After putting about 30 3600mah packs worth of charge or so through my Typhoon I figured it was time to give her a new paint job. My plane was a V1 in the original ugly gloss grey color. Being a V1 she also had the notoriously flimsy mechanical retracts which led to a lot of abuse on the nose and under the duct from collapsed gear on landings. The mechanical gear have long since been replaced with electric ones which have yet to experience any problems.

I decided to do my repaint in a desert camo modeling a picture of a fictional paint scheme of a RSAF typhoon. I have yet to put the decals on it but it's getting close to completion.

Repaint is done. Check out the in flight pics!...Continue Reading
Posted by GLieberman1989 | Dec 24, 2009 @ 02:13 AM | 5,725 Views
So I just rigged up my GWS Slow Stick with some $10 hobby king LED and these things are amazing. They light up the ground from 30' in the air! Check out the pictures below.
Posted by GLieberman1989 | Nov 26, 2009 @ 02:18 AM | 6,130 Views
Here I have listed my current RC inventory and a few pics below.

Backyard fliers
--HK mini stick
--HK 250GT

Trainers for my friends to fly when they join me at the field
--HK Skymaster
--HK 450

--Freewing Eurofighter Typhoon (90mm)
--Freewing SU-35 (twin 70mm)

The "always in the truck of my car" plane
--E-flite Mini Ultra Stick

UAVs and FPV aircraft
--Skywalker 1680mm (APM 2.5)
--Bumblebee 550 (APM 2.6)
--Skywalker 2013 (Pixhawk)

Sunday club fliers
--E-flite Habu 32
--E-flite Ultra Stick 25e
--HK...Continue Reading