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Posted by 1987tc | Sep 16, 2010 @ 06:34 PM | 5,382 Views
I have had to make a hard decision. I am giving up on building kits and scratch built models. It is just getting too hard anymore.

I will keep flying for as long as I can. And I hope that is for a couple of more years at least. But it will have to be airplanes that either are bought from someone or arfs.

I hate do this since building has always been a huge part of what I enjoy in the hobby. But when I have to struggle to build something in weeks or months that always I was able to get done in hours. And I am not as happy with the results.
It is time to stop. If my health ever improves some how maybe I can build again.
But with MS and some other problems that is not likely. Still I will keep the hope alive.

I was going to build another Eva Sport since it really fits how I like to fly. But not going to happen now.
And no one wants to sell theirs! So now to search for a plane that flies like one. Not an easy task!

I like a thick airfoil good low speed handling and good basic (not 3D) ability. And of course I still prefer balsa over foam!

Posted by 1987tc | Sep 02, 2010 @ 07:12 PM | 5,549 Views
Looks like a big thunderstorm and wind storm on the way.
We have some branches hanging pretty close to our roof and power line.
So if I am not online after tonight that will be why!

I can go online on my cell phone. But it has it's limits too.

Weather is looking good in the long range forecasts for the fly in though!
Hopefully tonight we will just get some much needed rain and no damage.