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Posted by 1987tc | Mar 20, 2010 @ 11:06 AM | 5,434 Views
It looks like my building days are about over. If not already over. I am having a terrible time now getting things done. Building is getting much harder and at times has lost its appeal for me.
Even covering ( even though I am not that great at it) which I always liked to do. Is getting tough to do and have it look presentable.

What used to take me a few minutes to do now takes days or even weeks to do.
I am going to finish up what I have in process now. And when they are all done. I am going to have to take a hard look at giving up building for good.

With the type of MS I have when you loose something it is for good. So if I stop building it will be permanent. Not something that is a pleasant thought. But looking more and more likely.

Just this morning I have been working on a wing. And I am going crazy with it. I cannot feel it in my hands and keep dropping it. I cannot cut a straight line using a steel straight edge and an exacto blade.
Kind of hard to do much building or covering with out being able to do that.

Time will tell for sure. But as of right now it looks like the building part of the hobby is just about over for me. After over 40 years.

I am not giving up flying yet. But even that I know does not have too much longer to go.

If you enjoy this hobby like I have over the years. TREASURE it! Every moment of it. It may not last for ever.