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Posted by 1987tc | Jul 05, 2009 @ 08:43 AM | 5,908 Views
And maybe I shouldn't now but here goes anyway.. As most who know me already know and those who don't will now I have MS. Multiple Sclerosis. Known by those who have it as the MonSter.

Well over the last week or so mine has been progressing. And when you have the type I do. Progressive there is no remission. There is no getting better. When it gives you more or something new to deal with it is not going away.

For me that means the pain has increased again. And it is getting harder to do things. We all take so many things for granted. The alarm goes off and we hop out of bed. Grab some coffee and a bite to eat and get on with our day.

But what if one morning you can't just hop out of bed? For me that is a thing of the past. I can get out of bed with out help. But hopping is sure not part of it!
When I pick up my coffee I have to decide which hand is safer to use. I don't enjoy dropping hot coffee on myself! Even though if it hits my leg I won't feel it. Numbness is a good thing at times.

Then when it is time to drive somewhere ( I won't even get into the fun of showering and getting dressed!) I have to decided how much I really want to go somewhere. Or if I really need to. Just simply turning the steering wheel hurts.
When I get where I am going I slide out of the car and hobble in and do what I need to. Yes even going to a hobby shop is not as fun as it used to be!

If it were not for some understanding and caring people I would not be in...Continue Reading