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Posted by 1987tc | Nov 12, 2008 @ 12:59 AM | 5,764 Views
Hello all,

I know I have not been online in a while or contributed much for even longer.
contrary to rumors in the National Enquirer I have not died or been kidnapped by aliens! And no I am not being adopted by Angelina Jolie!

Ok I have been dealing with some issues both personal and health related lately.
As it seems to love to do my MS has been a royal pain in the nether regions...and has managed to come up with new ways to make life less then fun at times!

I am not wanting to leave the hobby and do hope I am able to get set up to be able to fly again or a regular basis again. Just not sure when.

I would still be happy to talk to any of my friends and would love to hook up with anyone near me to talk airplanes and such.

I have been lucky to have some great fun with one ezoner near here. And while things have got in the way of doing as much as I would have liked Nokie has made it possible for me to scare the wings off of an airplane a few times over the last few months!

I will keep this short and just say once again that I will not be running for public office in 2012 no matter what the press says!

Take care and hopefully talk soon!