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Posted by Ron Williams | Jan 01, 2010 @ 09:03 PM | 5,581 Views
So a little while ago I decided that the time I was spending pre-visualizing the rolling circle was being miss spent: I was over doing it, trying to imagine the stick moves as I pictured (imagined) the plane's moves through the circle. I switched to just imagining the rolling circle in each of its parts (mine rolls to the right and makes four rolls in a circle) and not worrying about the stick moves.

I went out today after a month or so of cold weather imaginings and tried one. Wow! I almost had control all the way around. I had also almost given up but decided that I should just give up for a while and not think about it too much but to try it now and then. Today, after my change of approach I think I may have turned a corner (pun, as always, intended).