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Posted by Ron Williams | Jul 18, 2008 @ 05:38 AM | 9,353 Views
The Rolling Circle Project

A Difficult Maneuver, Learning, Prostatitis and . . .

“Perseverance Furthers” – The I Ching

This project is about learning how to fly a rolling circle. At first, it was very hit and miss, based on watching Clyde Geist fly rolling circles with a foamcore board wreck of a plane that had no more than aileron/elevator controls.

He demonstrated by circling using only the elevator and rolling with the ailerons kept in a set position. Only lately I figured out how it was done, using the elevator to maintain pitch angle as the plane rolled to inverted or upright and also using the elevator to add the turn as the plane made the transition to knife edge between each inverted or upright position. By starting the elevator’s movement in the knife edge positon, the plane was turned during knife edge and rudder wasn’t necessary as the plane came to a horizontal position.

Talking with Roy Thompson we spoke of flying a circle to the left and the possibilities of rolling to the inside or the outside of the circle. Rolling to the outside had been recommended as the better direction to start with by a friend of Roy’s who was proficient. Deciding on a direction and concentrating on it until the maneuver could be accomplished seemed a good idea so I accepted rolling to the outside and circling to the left as the form to follow and proceeded to try to figure out how to do it.

Over the months I would practice in small increments with various models...Continue Reading