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Posted by Ron Williams | Apr 30, 2008 @ 08:15 AM | 7,142 Views
Necessary Equipment Books is pleased to reintroduce Ron Williams’ book, Building & Flying Indoor Model Airplanes. Long a collector’s item, it has been reprinted for the third time. First published in 1981 and reprinted in 1984, this book has inspired future champions and model builders around the world. Over 200 drawings including plans and numerous photographs showing the hobby as it is practiced lure the reader into this fascinating and surprising pursuit.

The book was written based on notes and sketches the author made as he worked his way up to the ultimate indoor models known as F1D. Though more than two feet in wing span and thirty inches long, these aircraft weigh about the same as dollar bill: one gram. Learning to build these planes starts with simple beginner’s models. As the modeler learns the techniques for handling specially cut balsa wood and ultralight coverings, the challenges mount and the performance of the models increases.

Williams went through this process with friends and fellow modelers guiding the way. While teaching at Columbia University, he arranged demonstrations, flying sessions and exhibits in Columbia’s Low Library. The meets attracted the interest of the news media which in turn resulted in a request by a publisher to write the book. The sketches and copious notes he was keeping became the basis for the book; it took more than four years to complete with its exhaustive treatment of the hobby.

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