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Posted by Hal_The_Hacker | Dec 23, 2008 @ 09:14 PM | 3,116 Views
OKay this one is a little overdue folks.

On saturday, I woke up very late and I didnt really do a lot untill it was time to leave to go to twickers .

last EVER twickers it was a real shame to have to say goodbye, but it was damned fun.

I got there very early with both my parents, and then insisted I fly something to show them. they wanted to see the hornet go, but the tail was giving me issues, and the mesh needed adjusting, so I had to demo my 52# instead.

My father was impressed that i could fly it, and my mother was perplexed by the fact that it could fly sideways (and backwards).

Just as they were leaving, a guy was doing some hard 3d with his new t-rex 250, but hit the tail on the floor, snapped the tail blades and bent the boom, it piro-ed out of it, and he managed to save it from major damage by a well timed autorotation, unfortunately, he hit a little hard, snapped the landing skid struts and had a tip-over, which bent the flybar.

I talked to the pilot who was flying the 250, and fixed my hornet at the same time, took it for a test flight, and it was pretty good, the tail still kicks out a little with punchouts, but i dont like doing that, so it is all good. (even in winds the tail remains solid, no weather-vaining). the new tail servo is holding great, and the modified pitch slider removes a lot of slop in the vp tail mechanics.

Michael showed up shortly after, and I landed (scraped the tail a little) to say hi. He had his new mini-titan with...Continue Reading
Posted by Hal_The_Hacker | Dec 19, 2008 @ 07:18 PM | 3,253 Views
well guys, its official, I suck at flying.

I went out flying with nick today, and I finally managed to do circuits with a single rotor heli (my walkera 52#), after about four, I cut one too wide and felt I was too close to nick and his t-rex 450, I panicked and tried to fff it outa there, but becuase brushed motors suck, I lacked the headspeed to get much lift, and I cartwheeled it into the ground. snapped the tail boom at the root.

I have already fixed it, just shortened the boom slightly, I needed to do this anyway, my rudder trim was all the way to one side, my tail was hardly spinning.

I also bent the main shaft (straghtened w/o even taking it out of the heli)

ready to fly tomorrow.

I left my futaba tx crystal at home so I had to use the crystals from my 52# in my zagi and my hornet.

my hornet didnt want to bind unless the tx was at a certain angle to it, or a certain distance away (wierd huh?), but I tried to fly it anyway. spooled up, and a gust of wind swept it into the ground, snapped the rotorhead, again, that is now glued back together though, less teeter too, so better cyclic response.

ready to fly tomorrow.

flied my zagi a bit, being extra carefull about the launches now, after yesterday I am taking no chances, my hand is still swollen by the way, but I can fly 'like a pro' (just not 'lazy style'). got a few short flights out of the thing, I REALLY need a larger vertical stab. (well two actually) this thing stalls in a horrid mannar, and wobbles with very little surface area to counter the yaw.

Michael bought a Mini Titan today, it seems a pretty good cp heli, apart from the fact that it is FOUR CHANNEL! yes thats right, a four channel cp, you thought had seen it all folks, but here it is.

he is going to fly it at twickers tomorrow, the only flight he plans before spektrumising.

looking forward to twickers tomorrow, but sad that it is the last EVER.
more crash (i mean flight) reports to come tomorrow

for now, goodbye

- Hal
Posted by Hal_The_Hacker | Dec 18, 2008 @ 08:25 PM | 3,105 Views
well, since a few of my friends have started a blog, I thought I might join in.

except my blog will be *AWESOME*

so here it begins; i will try to update daily, but if i dont ITS NOT THE END OF

well, today I was maidening my zagi with my new flightpower evo lite, given to me by Nick.

before I was running the zagi on 8cell nimh, it was lacking power to fly and it was too heavy (the evo is 2g heavier actually). I once tried it with a 1000mah 10C lipo - it was FAST, it actually flew, i was amazed - I had this wing for two years and never got it to fly, then when i wacked in this battery (nothing else) it actually flew. unfortunately, the motor pulls around 20A on full throttle, so the lipo was damaged and had to be disposed of.

So I tried this flightpower battery, and it is ballistic, I actually think the prop is spinning too fast because it makes a horrid noise at maxx throttle.

the zagi launches itself, before I had to have a helper launching the wing and the longest flights were 6s or so, now I can drop it, and before it hits the floor it is off!.

no idea of the top speed, but I fly on about 30% throttle - so plenty of headroom, and theoretically, around 36mins of flight time

I had done maybe 20 mins of short flights, iterrupted by crashes every now and again (my first plane) when my flying was cut short.

I launched it the usual way I do - hold the canopy and full throttle with a little push forwards and it shoots off, but not...Continue Reading