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Posted by PJ PJ PJ | Jan 15, 2018 @ 09:13 AM | 5,912 Views
Just bought this new Funray glider kit from Multiplex. You can order a receiver ready version for $450 or the kit for $240.
I decided to go with the kit since i like to assemble my planes if it is possible. I prefer to use my standard components where ever it is possible.
First i list a few pictures that shows what you will get when you order the Kit version. Looking at the pictures you will recognize that there are a lot of parts and all of them need to be assembled somehow. Lots of parts means also that the glider will not be a lightweight thermal glider. Looking at the manual the glider will have a flying weight of 1790g (63oz) which converts to a wing load of 45g/dm. Having said that, aim for less than 30g/dm^2 if it's a warbirdy-type trainer, and 25g/dm^2 or less for a glider or gentle high wing design or a glider.
Posted by PJ PJ PJ | Feb 01, 2016 @ 10:40 AM | 4,118 Views
Hi Folks
Recently I bought a bunch of Servo extension cables on E-Bay. Installing this cables I observed that one lead was not attached to the inside of the plug. Looking throe all remaining cables I found a bunch of unprofessional crimped wires. If you look at the few samples in my picture i guess i do not have to explain to much.
Once again i would like to remind everyone to inspect any servo extension cables before installing them. Buying the best servos does not help if any of the servo plugs look like the samples in the picture.

Another recomendation, avoid any plugs if you can. If you know how to solder, build your own Y harnes. (seePic)