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Posted by MikeTheCrash | May 23, 2011 @ 08:00 AM | 5,793 Views
So the Funjet has been having a few problems with the IMU picking up vibration from the prop. I have a new motor and prop and this problem is a new one really. The second APC prop I had on it was vibration-free. I ought to buy a prop balancer but instead, after much fiddling around, I have found the best layout for IMU with foamn damping.

I have inserted a tooth pick parallel to and about an inch from the wing spar. A small chunk of foam is hot-glued accross the toothpick and the wing spar. The IMU, wrapped in a piece of tape to protect it from the glue, is stuck to the foam

Next up is to improve the aerodynamics of the camera mount. I had the cam attached by elastic bands into a "chair" carved into the front of the canopy. This I then upgraded to a 180 Pan servo. But the body of the servo was glued into the top of the canopy and the camera was sticking out into the airstream, which made me unhappy. I have stuck some balsa in the front of the fuse (where I had originally intended to put a pan/tilt as seen on my avatar but never flown) and now the pan servo sits in that. I hope to find an aerosol lid to make this more streamlined one day. I have carved the canopy a bit to let the camera pan freely.

EDIT with this setup and the keychain camera on the nose the FJ is hard to balance with a big battery. I have to squeeze my 2700mAH right up the fuse to the wing spar and it's a tight fit, and the 4300mAh won't work. This may need another re-think. Perhaps if a make a cowl for the camera i may put the keychain on top of it, alternatively swapping the FPV camera for a board camera may do it, my camera is very heavy.