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Posted by MikeTheCrash | Aug 13, 2010 @ 07:22 PM | 6,609 Views
I was asked to show the layout in my Twinstar, so here it is. I should point out I'm no expert, this isn't necessarily the "right" way, it's my way!

The fuselage is held together with masking tape. This makes it easy to get inside if I need to. Masking tape is light and fairly strong and is seems not to leave any residue on the elapor. The camera is normally taped in too for safety. I also have a strip of gaffer tape under the belly for landing.

I need a ball link on the elevator I can detatch, so I don't put any strain on the linkage when the fuse is opened up.

The dragon link antenna has a trailing component under the fuse which should be put in a bendable tube to keep it straight.

I put the servos in holes I made in the fuse, they are screwed onto some chunks of wood I glued in so I can get them out if I want. The servos might have been better glued inside the fuse and I could have re-routed the snakes perhaps and kept it more streamlined

You can see the Inertial Momentum Unit in this picture. it's wedged into one of the snake runs, and I used bits of paper wedged underneath to get it as flat and tight as I could before taping it in.

ESCs are wedged into the elapor. Bigger than I needed but they were cheap!

Motors take up to 16a - that's all the specs I can remember.

The CoG is correct with the battery nearly all the way forward into the nose. This leaves space under the wing for another battery one day if I want to, but I don't know...Continue Reading