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Posted by KurtMc | Aug 20, 2009 @ 11:48 PM | 4,243 Views
My slope buds and I flew Davenport, and just like the classic scene from Apocalypse Now, we were amid the distinct drumbeats of far off copters running a bucket brigade. I was in the air doing speed runs with my Skorpion when the sounds grew much louder, and began to rumble the ground. The next 90 seconds were knee knockers as I tried to keep my plane below the horizon and out of the way of the three huge Heli's that were coming up behind me, right down the runway. There was no time to land and the flight of three headed straight over our heads, and right over my Skorp in the process. Like a radio hit, yet far worse, the downdrafts they caused nearly took my plane into the surf. 100 mile per hour downwards lift! I was just about to land when the Sky Crane flew over the top of Big Creek Lumber, over the runway, over my plane, and out to sea for a bucketful, creating mini tornados all along the ridge line. Eleven hours at the slope, with some great guys, in beautiful weather with 3 meter planes running laps? Just like those credit card commercials -- PRICELESS.
Davenport 2009 Road Trip (12 min 9 sec)

Posted by KurtMc | Nov 29, 2008 @ 12:03 AM | 5,539 Views
Originally Posted by joe manor
Thanks for all the support guy's! A dream and a years worth of hard work.
Congratulations, Joe, on achieving your dream.

I pay tribute to you, your 2.5 year journey from Dynamic 80 to 160 to record, and onwards with this video
Joe Manor's 2 year journey to the top of the current speed ladder... An amazing journey condensed into 10 mins.
The Incredible Dynamic 160 inch Sailplane (10 min 44 sec)

Posted by KurtMc | May 10, 2008 @ 01:48 AM | 5,497 Views
With the International Slope Race coming up next weekend (Yeah!) I was fiddling around with my planes and ballast configurations and after weighing stuff out, came up with this spreadsheet to make the job a bit easier. Automatically calculates the all up weight of your plane with and without various ballast options and gives you max wingloading and a range of data that lets you zero in on target weights, and see if you're close to maxing out, etc. I think it's pretty cool.

All the user needs to do is enter the weights of the various items (your plane, the joiners, ballast) and the square inches, etc., from your plane in the grey boxes (in Grams) and the spreadsheet does all the rest, giving you columns of numbers for ounces, pounds, and wingloading, etc.

The files attached are in quatro pro, XLS, and PDF format and include a couple of my planes' data which you can modify to suit your own pretty easily.

BTW, there's still a few slots left for racers at the ISR -- weigh em and bring em! Lets race!

(P.S.: Looks like I better not use full ballast in both tubes on my Acacia, eh? )
Posted by KurtMc | Apr 25, 2008 @ 12:07 PM | 5,750 Views
"Paradoxes, Perceptions, and Science

We like to think that Science is like God. The final word etc. But we spend billions trying to prove the things we cannot see, in subterranean tunnels. Maybe the project proves a point. But someone better be pretty sure of the results in order to spend so much money on it. Billions.

Paradoxes are really neat because both parties maybe contributing equally to a topic, yet disagree amongst themselves. That is scholarly. The point is to stack perceptions to build the science, and keep progressing. Making things personal can make a person sound more correct than the perception allows. Just the facts please, and thank you for the contributions. " --- 4/25/08 -- Indubitably
Posted by KurtMc | Oct 07, 2007 @ 11:46 AM | 5,964 Views
Video from the 07 ISR:

DZ v. MA -- Mid-air collision -- one plane miraculously survived, the other didn't.

KP v. GB -- Video version of the collision I photographed. No survivors

KP v. GB stills -- Animated stills of the collision

Marcus Triebes Video -- Animation of stills from the 07 ISR

More Stills -- Pics I took at the 07 Race

DZ v TC v RV -- Another very close race vid

MT v DB v RV -- Triebes, Bates, Vann - Racing video

DZ v KG v BD -- Darrell, Ken Gregory, William DelHagen

SW v RK v BD -- Scott "Obejuan" Woodward v. Ray Kuntz v. William DelHagen

Grass Mtn 2007 -- Pics I took at the 07 Grass Mtn 2 day slope race