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Posted by Vantasstic | Jun 25, 2012 @ 08:42 PM | 27,858 Views
I've been asked several times how I connected my Dragon Link UHF Long Range transmitter to my 9X transmitter. Here's a quick show and tell. For the 9X, nothing could be easier.

I'm using a Flysky 9X...same as Turnigy 9X. I installed a Smartie Parts board in the 9X which provides a back light for the LCD as well as a convenient connection to flash custom ER9X firmware. First a few links if you're interested in this.
Here's info on custom firmware for the 9X as well as links to tutorials and the Smartie Parts board: (Note: The Smartie Parts board no longer comes with the back light panel. That's available from Hobby King in a couple of different colors and only runs ~$5 (plus shipping). The back light is not required, but a nice addition.)
How to remove the 2.4GHz Rf deck from the Turnigy 9X with the antenna in to top of the Tx:

I mounted my DL unit on a JR transmitter stand that clamps to the 9X carry handle. I secured it with velcro and a battery strap. This mounting allows me to swing the unit to keep the DL antenna vertical while holding the radio.

The DL requires three connections to the Tx...PPM, Voltage, and Ground. With the 9X rf module removed you have easy access to the module pins. The top pin is the PPM signal. The second is Ground (not used). The third is ACTUAL Tx battery voltage (I'm using a 3S, 1800mAh LiFe battery in mine). The fourth...Continue Reading