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Posted by Vantasstic | Mar 04, 2012 @ 12:18 PM | 13,934 Views
Ever since I first saw the Shrediquette MM6 I knew I had to have one myself. The original MM6 pics and vids can be found here: .
I used:
HK C20 motors:
HobbyWing 10A ESCs
GWS and GemFan 5x3x3 props
3S 2200mAh LiPo
10mm sq C/F tubes
G10 frame (custom cut for me)
Weight w/o camera & VTx 656g
Weight w/camera, case, and VTx 821g
Controller: Open pilot CC and DJI Naza...they both worked well. I think I'll leave a CC on it as they're more adjustable than the Naza.
The GoPro camera case is home made from 1/8" light ply

Without the GoPro and case the battery mounts centered on the c/g and flies GREAT. Flight time was in the 8+ minute range. After I mounted the GoPro it flew like crap...barely controllable. After studying the MM6 thread I noticed an added cross bar on the rear arms for a more rearward battery mount. I added a similar cross member to my rear arms and moved the battery further aft to balance the weight of the GoPro up front. Night and Day it flies great with the GoPro...though only ~6 minute flying time now. My issues all along were a nose heavy hex with the camera installed.

Also with the camera case installed the hex does not sit flat. Studying the MM6 thread again I noticed, what looks like a, zip tie under the battery. Ah...a rear landing leg. I added two wide zip tie straps to my rear arms and now have a frame that sits...Continue Reading