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Posted by pkquat | Jul 08, 2011 @ 02:55 PM | 2,648 Views
Landing pdfs

My 2cents summary on learning to land.

The most common is mistake is diving the plane down and trying to land too quickly. You will often land long because you are trying to get lined up, figure out speed, making corrections, etc, all while probably still carrying too much speed. Though it can be done, it requires a good deal of skill and experience, and in reality gains you nothing. Most skilled pilots don't do this.

First spend about 1/3 to 1/2 your flight time about 3 mistakes high finding the stall point of your plane with no throttle to roughly 10-20% throttle and various amounts of elevator input. See how slow you can get it to fly before it stalls. Now work on throttle and elevator to keep a consistent slow speed a little above the stall point. Practice being able to catch a stall, add power, and pull out of the stall without dropping much altitude and in complete control. You should be able to hit WOT and pull out of just about anything. REMEMBER where your slow speed flight throttle and elevator settings are, and where the stall points are.. For the next 1/3 to 1/4, slowly bring the plane down and do the same thing 2 mistakes high, then 1 mistake high. You should get to...Continue Reading
Posted by pkquat | Jan 20, 2011 @ 12:03 PM | 4,089 Views
This is in reference to the DuBro Park skis, (DUB830)

These are mounted on a friends T-28. You will need two sets of course. You will also need eight 1/8" collars (2 pkgs of DUB139). The ones that come with the skis are too small. Our LHS put the collars on the same rack as the ski's.

For the front ski you will need to use two spring holder bolts. One to hold the spring and the other as a more positive stop. The spring pushes the bolt to the very edge of the stop. Both need to be VERY tight. The front ski can pop up if it hits a bump and then the prop hits it. It needs to be barely tipped up so there is little chance of it hitting the prop. On the other hand when you use two socket head cap screws to help prevent it from popping up it appears that it can vibrate to much and break on its own or possibly break from impact if the surface is a little too rough. Below are pics of a modified shortened ski with part of the rib in the bend for added strength. This helped avoid the prop and lower the vibration.

I would also recommend filling the peak where drill with JB weld or some similar material, at least for the front ski. This will prevent the ski mount from squeezing together and sliding past the stops. It would not be a bad idea to do the same to the other skis since the holes will oval pretty quickly.

The skis need to be on dense snow, hard pack, or ice. If the snow is light or fluffy the plane...Continue Reading