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Posted by Joethefloorman | Nov 26, 2008 @ 01:17 AM | 4,040 Views
I got to say it's been a hell of a year for foam. I joined a team (DW Foamies) helped design anew bipe the Skua,and came up with a new sizing for foam. With the introduction of the 48 inch Juka DW is ushering in a new era of foamie that will surpass all for outdoor fun.

I'm proud to be apart of it's design. My intention for this plane was really quite simple, take a proven plane and make it the best working rendition of foam in the air.

I believe I achieved that goal with the 48 inch Juka.
specifically designed for excellent weight to thrust ratio
slop free linkage to give the best flying foamie an even bigger advantage in the air. Whether your a 3D monster or some one practicing Imac, or a sunday flyer you will completely enjoy flying this plane.

Now Mike at has put together
a complete no guess kit. Anyone can build this plane and have the same kit that I fly daily. No guess work, servo slots are pre cut, battery slot precut, brace pre cut. Motor prop, speed control and servo gear pre-mapped out for you to choose... This is an easy kit to build!

If you follow this thread in your build you will be highly satisfied with the end result. I have flown this plane after Chris completed it (His first 48 inch Juka) and it was perfect, no coupling,no slop, plenty of power with amazing flight characteristics. This is the 5th kit I've put in the air with the same consistent results. At the end of the thread I will be listing my trimming tips and throw rates, and expo setting for high and low rates. This is to help ensure the best possible first flight performance.

Many thanks to Mike and Kim for the Juka design and allowing me the opportunity to take a perfectly good design and recreate the perfect outdoor foamie.

I hope everyone enjoys this plane as much as much as I do.


Joethefloorman (aka Snap)